Learning Outcome #7

The focus of IB students and their CAS activities is to meet the 8 Learning Outcomes at least once.

Learning Outcome #7 is stated as: Considered the ethical implications of their actions.

Clarifying explanation: Ethical decisions arise in almost any CAS activity (for example, on the sports field, in musical composition, in relationships with others involved in service activities). Evidence of thinking about ethical issues can be shown in various ways, including journal entries and conversations with CAS advisers.

I interpret Learning Outcome #7 as “This is the most difficult learning outcome to achieve because it’s the most difficult to interpret, measure, and plan for. Students need to evaluate right from wrong in an activity that they’re engaged in and this is not easy to do. I agree that students need to be able to choose right actions from wrong actions and be able to determine if another person’s actions are right or wrong, but this is not easy to plan for. I’m not very much help when students ask me how to achieve this outcome because I don’t know how to help them plan for this. Maybe IBO could reconsider this learning outcome or at least the wording of it.”


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