Documents Removed

The following documents were removed from the Documents page at the request of the IBO. These documents are available at the OCC (Online Curriculum Centre). To access the OCC you’ll need a username and password which you can obtain from your IB Coordinator.

Handbook of Procedures 2011

IB Learner Profile

CAS Guide


8 Learning Outcomes

Model Form A: CAS Progress Form

Model Form B: CAS Individual Student Completion Form


7 thoughts on “Documents Removed

  1. Hi, I was just wondering why you had to remove the documents? I’m asking because I’m setting up a CAS in London blog and was going to include them myself. Would it be OK to produce my own version of the 8 learning outcomes, learner profile etc in my own format and post that instead?



    1. This is the email I received:
      “Dear Mr Elder, I am writing to you about the IB materials on your blog ( including CAS Forms, the Handbook of Procedures and The Learner Profile . These materials are all the copyright of the IB. You may not be aware, but the IB does not allow these documents to be posted on public websites. I need to ask that you remove them from your blog.
      Kind Regards
      Rhiannon George
      Paralegal Associate”

      We had a couple exchanges back-and-forth but keeping the documents on my blog would’ve required me to apply for a “Non-exclusive licence for publishers and others to reproduce the intellectual property of the IB Organization” which I would have to pay an annual fee to maintain. Not worth it for little ol me so I removed the documents.

      I was just using their documents to promote their program. I wasn’t stealing their documents to use as my own. It kinda seems like they shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  2. I agree that they have been negative over something that actually promotes them and is helping IB staff and schools who find it very difficult to find what you are looking for on the new site.

    1. I believe IB charges for these documents (by authorizing a school and giving them access to the OCC or in conference fees) and they didn’t want me giving it away for free 🙂

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