PQ and PCF Forms for New Schools

Recently I’ve been asked questions about schools who are new to IB and do they need to submit the PQ (Programme Questionnaire) and PCF (Programme Completion Form). These forms fall under old requirements that no longer exist. If you’re reading The Handbook of Procedures 2011 throw it away and download The Handbook of Procedures 2013 from the OCC. Here is what I learned:

PQ (Programme Questionnaire)

The Handbook of Procedures 2013 states: “Newly authorized schools are no longer required to complete a CAS programme questionnaire (form CAS/PQ) and submit it to the regional office for approval. Consequently, this form has been removed from the handbook. The procedure for approving initial CAS programmes has been incorporated into the new global school authorization processes, therefore CAS implementation will be evaluated every 5 years.” (page 279, B9.4 CAS programme approval, The Handbook of Procedures 2013)

New schools do not have to submit the PQ form anymore. Awesome sauce!

PCF (Programme Completion Form)

The Handbook of Procedures 2013 states: “Schools are responsible for evaluating candidates’ CAS activities and performance according to the performance criteria given in the Creativity, action, service guide. Coordinators must notify the IB office whether or not candidates have completed their CAS programme by completing the appropriate electronic form on IBIS by 1 June/1 December in the diploma year.” (page 280, B9.7 CAS programme evaluation and completion, The Handbook of Procedures 2013)

So no PCF to send in either, you just need to report whether or not your students completed their CAS requirement on IBIS. Good news for new schools! Woot woot!

The IBIS website is the only thing CAS Coordinators need to know about; this is where you will electronically submit a form about your students’ CAS status. Your IB Coordinator will need to give you access to IBIS.

To sum up: If you’re a new IB school, you don’t have to submit the PQ. It’s dead. You also don’t need to submit the PCF because it’s now submitted electronically through IBIS.


2 thoughts on “PQ and PCF Forms for New Schools

    1. Hi. I don’t feel qualified to answer your question without knowing more details. I do know that NEW schools are not required to submit the PQ or PCF, but maybe your school is not considered new. I would definitely present the information I stated in my post to the IB visiting committee for clarification. I would also pose your question on the OCC if you have an account. The two moderators there, Maria and Michael, are amazing and will be able to answer your question.

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