Welcome to a New School Year!

Hello! As the new school year approaches, at least here in the USA, I thought a few reminders might be helpful. So here are three of them provided FOC (Free Of Charge) 🙂

  • Students can NOT start on their CAS activities until the first day of the 11th grade. Any activities done prior to the 1st day of  11th grade does not count. At least not for CAS. They’ll count for being a good human being but not for CAS.
  • Hours don’t count nearly as much as meeting the 8 Learning Outcomes. IB wants students to come close to 150 hours but meeting the 8 Learning Outcomes is waaaaaaay more important. What does close mean anyway? Well, I think IB purposefully left it open to interpretation as an act of kindness (so stop stressing about hours), and I think they are so unspecific about hours because they really really really want us CAS coordinators and IB students to focus on meeting the 8 Learning Outcomes through significant and meaningful activities.
  • Students need to provide evidence for meeting each Learning Outcome they state they’ll meet. Evidence can be written, photos, a video, website, blog, online, offline… almost any evidence counts as long as it shows: what happened, why it happened, how it happened, what its value was, and what the student learned from it.

So there you have 3 reminders about CAS to get your year started off on the right foot and with a bang. Have a great school year errrrybody!


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