CAS Activities Due

Hello fellow CAS Coordinators! This is just a reminder that your seniors’ CAS Activities must be submitted by June 1, 2014 (depending on your school’s location you may have a different due date).

But if you’re like me, by June 1st you have to login to IBIS (International Baccalaureate Information System) and state whether or not your students met their CAS requirements. If you don’t have your login info already you can get this from your IB Coordinator.

Reporting CAS in IBIS is quick and easy, it’s getting all your students to submit their CAS activities on time that’s the hard part AND then spending time reviewing/approving all the activities.  This is why I set an internal deadline of May 10th for my students to submit all their CAS Activities. This gives me a little cushion to go through all their activities and contact them for clarification if need be.

If you use ManageBac like I do it makes things sooooooo much easier, but it doesn’t eliminate kids’ from procrastinating altogether. So don’t delay, get your students to submit their CAS activities SOON!




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