Reflective Evidence

Hello fellow CAS Coordinators! Do you or your students ever get confused about the difference between Reflection and Evidence as they pertain to CAS activities? I wish IB would eliminate one of these terms because they both mean the same thing. They are synonymous. Interchangeable.

To clarify things as much as possible for my students, I’ve started telling them they need to provide “Reflective Evidence” for each activity they do. This seems to sit well with their brains, as it does with mine.

If your students ever ask you the difference between Reflection and Evidence for their CAS activities, confidently tell them there is no difference. None. Zero.Β #reflectiveevidence

Have a great year errrrybody! πŸ™‚





5 thoughts on “Reflective Evidence

  1. Hi sbelder8,

    I am not sure they are exactly the same. Reflection is certainly more important than evidence and reflection can build out of evidence but I would argue that they are different.

    Photographs of an activity are evidence but they don’t become reflection until students engage with them to explain what is happening, how they felt and what they learnt from that situation.

    My goal this year is to develop different forms of reflection scaffolded for my students so they see it as an enjoyable part of the process and not a chore that takes away from the experience.

    1. Hi Tom, I like what you said and I’m inclined to agree. Do you think reflections require writing? I do. I don’t see how else a student can truly reflect except through the process of writing. Thanx again for sharing your opinion. I like it πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe there is some validness to your thoughts on this but I have a little different approach. I say the Reflection is more emotional, how you connected to your project. What went wrong, how to fix it or what was super duper great about it and what did you do that made you so happy, etc.
    Evidence to me is more about the “proof to the pudding” so to speak. Show me your stuff: poem, flyer, video etc. So for me there is a little difference and I try to keep them separate. But I haven’t read all the new literature so if they are asking for Reflective Evidence now, that can be a mite confusing! And we should keep them separate in my book because they are two different arenas.
    Kinston High School is my school. In Kinston NC

    1. Hi Ruth, I appreciate your perspective and it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for weighing in. Do you require your students to provide a reflection AND evidence? If so, what does a reflection look like? Is it written? Thanx again πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Tom,
        Yes to your question. I do require written. I used to require a long term commitment to a project to span at least 18 months. Therefore, I needed reflection quite often, at least 3 times/year. I want to hear them speak to me through words. They need to learn to express themselves, to make others “hear” them. They then were able to use some of these reflections as their “personal statement” for college essays so we killed two birds with one stone! I required at least a page and for the end reflection, a two pager. And to top it off, grammar matters!

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