IB Conference: Denver in September

Action is now Activity?

There are 7 Learning Outcomes, not 8?



What the heck is going on with the new CAS requirements for the class of 2017 and beyond?

I have no idea, but I’m gonna find out on September 25th at the IB Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Anyone else coming with me?

I have so much to learn! 🙂


6 thoughts on “IB Conference: Denver in September

  1. Hey there, great news right. New look, new objectives, new standards.
    Thank you and looking forward to your post. I just created a new CAS guidebook and it
    is huge but covers EVERYTHING possible…and I love the new! anyone else?

      1. I will be glad to share it but most of it is not online yet. I will have to make a copy. I mean it is a compilation of the IBO new guidelines book and some of my own, and some examples. But let me get it into a PDF form before I share.

        I really dislike slackers on CAS. Makes for long days and I am finding a lot of parents don’t care if they do the CAS or not…you guys? and how do they make up slacking on CAS, kinda a lost cause no? 🙂

    1. Slackers… Lol. I give my slackers 3 chances. If after 3 offenses they are still slacking, my IB Coordinator puts the slacker on probation. This means the slacker and his/her parents must meet with us and sign a contract stating that they agree to abide by our CAS guidelines. If the slacker violates the contract, s/he is dropped from IB.

      1. Hey just an FYI, My “book” is really, in looking it over, mostly from the IBO site. I used pages,
        from the CAS LO sheet,, The section on “the nature of CAS”, Section: CAS experiences, CAS stages,
        Then I put in pages of ideas, how to make it CAS, What is NOT CAS, and I make them sign a Contract Agreement with Parent, Mentor, CAS Coordinator and Student all having their signature on that form. I also make them take a “Self Quiz” that is signed by them an a Parent. This is in by the first week of their being in the program. I do this to make sure they have read and understood the guide book and their responsibilities and what happens if they do NOT do CAS.
        Then I include one copy of all forms that will be used by them, a checklist form, and that is about it.

        Also, have you all done anything with the Group: The Philanthropy Project? They look amazing. Lots of global out there with them. Also, I am trying to get my group to hook into Stomp Out Bullying for October.
        Monday is National Day and they are asking all to wear Blue to support them. Look for some posts about that on tweets with “learning2013″…that be me!

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