CAS Handbook

CAS book

OMG! I’m not sure I can do this CAS Handbook justice by writing a review of it, but I shall try.


It’s authored by John Cannings, María Inés Piaggio, Peter Muir, and Tom Brodie, all experienced CAS Coordinators. A special shoutout goes to Tom Brodie for hooking me up with a copy to review. Thank you!

This 246 page handbook contains a WEALTH of information, some of which includes:

  • An in-depth explanation of CAS, it’s purpose, and it’s meaning to the IB program
  • CAS Snapshots that will give you great ideas for CAS experiences
  • Color photos that are engaging
  • Sample CAS proposals
  • A Review and Summary of each chapter
  • An explanation of the CAS Stages with Case Studies
  • An in-depth chapter on Reflection
  • Service-Learning with Case Studies
  • TOK and the Extended Essay and how it’s all wrapped up in CAS
  • CAS Projects
  • Student Responsibilities
  • Charts and diagrams
  • Interviews
  • Celebration ideas
  • And more!

I can’t imagine the number of hours it took to write and assemble this book, but it is a gift to IB students and CAS Coordinators around the globe!

This CAS handbook can be purchased through Cambridge University Press (CLICK HERE), OR through (CLICK HERE) for $28.

If you’re a CAS Coordinator or IB student, this could very well be the best $28 you ever spend.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough! Bravo!



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