The Philanthropy Project Impact Challenge!

A message from The Philanthropy Project:

We are honored to host service campaigns created by IB students all over the world, and we believe the longstanding commitment to service within the IB continuum is something to celebrate!

That’s why we created the The IB Impact Challenge – a challenge geared exclusively towards IB schools in an effort to showcase the incredible impact IB students can make through their PYP Action Projects, MYP Community Projects and DP CAS Projects!

Participating is simple: students rally their IB classmates to create service campaigns for causes they care about on The Philanthropy Project platform and challenge other IB schools across the globe to join them in making an impact.

The 5 schools making the most impact by June 1, 2016 will win awesome prizes and become heralded as rock stars in the IB community!

CLICK HERE to learn more.




4 thoughts on “The Philanthropy Project Impact Challenge!

  1. Hey there Steve. yes, I gave this organization to my kids beginning their Junior year but they did not do anything with it and now maybe they will. I will see. It is a great organization and would love to see more done with them!

    On another note, can you ask around the group, I am trying to get a trip going for IB CAS kids and it is with an IB CAS geared group, this next Spring of 2017! The link is in here below. I would love to see a lot of kids on it! LMK your thoughts. One and all! They say the bigger the group the better and the more they can keep the cost down. That being said, they will have to have a one point meeting to get the airfare…so there are “logisticals” that can become a snagging point. Otherwise, I love the look, just would make the trips longer. and and and…so put out your thoughts CAS peeps. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ruth!! Their website looks amazing! Do you know how much these trips typically cost? Can I advertise this and give out your name and email address in case people are interested?

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