Do you have no idea what to tell your IB students to do to complete their CAS requirement? Well, below are some ideas that can be used as CAS activities, many of them with a global focus and almost all of them could be completed as a project (a project must be completed over a significant duration of time, covering at least two categories of CAS, and with at least two or three other people). If you have ideas please leave a comment and I’ll include them here on this page. Thanx 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ideas

      1. Maybe I am going off half cokced here Jane and don’t shoot me but I think volunteering at a Pro-life center is fine as an individual and at a church but it tends to be more of a personal journey doing that kind of project. Most kids, if they belong to a church, do it anyway. Now if you have no church, maybe but I think in the past, we tended to shy away from church oriented activity because, and correct me if I am wrong please, this is something they would normally be involved in and I think keeping church separate from these activities is a wise choice since there are SO many of them out there to keep them busy.
        I don’t know if it got listed but my new BFF, Alex’s Virtual Lemonade Stand is an awesome, awesome project! so there ya have it! my take and ONLY my take.

      2. Hi Jane and Ruth, beginning with the new CAS curriculum starting with the class of 2017, any and all church-related activities are acceptable as long as they are not divisive.

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