Below are some documents that you might need as a CAS Coordinator. Hope you find something here you can use.

CAS Documents

New CAS Guidelines for the Class of 2017 and beyond (new)

CAStartup 2017 (2-pages of all the CAS essentials)

CASimplified 2017 (1-page of all the CAS essentials)


CAS Quick Start Guide (for the class of 2016)


Activity Proposal Map (a form that could be used to pre-approve CAS activities)

CAS Hour Documentation (a form that could be used by students to log their CAS hours)

CAS Learning Outcome #7: Consider the ethical implications (ideas for how to meet the most difficult Learning Outcome)

Rowland High Self Study and Questionnaire 2011 (just in case it might help out a fellow IB Coordinator for the 5-Year Review)

Sample Reflection with Explanations (how to write a reflection that shows how Learning Outcomes were met)

Yearly or Summer Proposal (a form that could be used to help students plan CAS activities)


55 thoughts on “Documents

    1. Actually, I do. It’s under Documents and what I have posted is Form A and Form B from the new CAS Curriculum. I think this is what you’re referring to.

    2. Are the students who graduate in 2011 not going to make a Final Student Summary? Do I only need to fill out the forms that you are talking about.

      Thank you!

      1. Hi Louise. You are correct, students in the graduating class of 2010 and beyond do not do a Student Final Summary (SFS). Instead, students focus on completing the 8 Learning Outcomes, providing evidence for meeting each of the 8 Learning Outcomes, and coming close to earning 150 hours in each of the categories of Creativity, Action, and Service. It’s much easier now for students than it used to be. Hope this helps 🙂

      2. Thank you for your answer. Who is going to fill out this form? Me or the students?
        *All student have had their 150 hour 50 in each categori.
        *Their leaning outcomes are under control.

        What else do I need to do?

        We (but who) has to fill out this Form A and Form B. Does it have to bee both forms or what?
        I think it’s quite hard to find informations about this. Any ideas?

        Thank you.

      3. Model Form A is a form you could use (or a variation of it) to track students’ progress and to chart your meetings with students. Our school uses ManageBac which is AWESOME so it makes Form A for me irrelevant. Model Form B is what your students will have each Activity Advisor complete and sign for each activity. Then the students will submit these forms to you, the CAS Coordinator. Again, ManageBac does all of this for me paperlessly so I don’t use these forms at all. They’re just model forms anyways, guidelines. You can create your own system; use whatever works for you. Students no longer turn in self-evaluations per se because the self-evaluation is built in to the Learning Outcomes automatically. Evidence for each activity a student completes has self-reflection built in. Evidence to prove students met certain Learning Outcomes in a particular activity should show these 5 elements: what happened, why it happened, how it happened, what its value was, and what the student learned from it. These 5 things are what IBO will be looking for if you ever get audited by them 😉 Hope this helps.

      4. Do the students still need to hand in selvevaluations +AD1/forms on every activity/project? Or did it end this year.

        Thank you again 😉


      5. Hi again,

        You said that we have to make: “Evidence to prove students met certain Learning Outcomes in a particular activity should show these 5 elements: what happened, why it happened, how it happened, what its value was, and what the student learned from it.” But how do we prove that? Is there a certain form? Isn’t what used to be in the old selfevaluations and AD1-forms?

        Thank you.

      6. Students can provide evidence of meeting the learning outcomes in a variety of ways; there’s no “one” form anymore. They can submit a written journal, photos, provide you with a link to a website, provide you with a link to their blog, provide you with a link to a Youtube video, etc… The possibilities are limited only by you and what you will accept. With the implementation of the new CAS curriculum with the graduating class of 2010 students can provide evidence for completing an activity and/or learning outcomes in a variety of ways that is limited only by their imagination and what you will accept.

        I use ManageBac and the methods for providing evidence are displayed within the program so students are given examples of how to provide evidence for their activities and learning outcomes. You might want to check it out because it makes the life of a CAS Coordinator so much easier. Check em out at

        Hope this helps. If not, keep asking questions 🙂

  1. I am a new CAS coordinator.Could you please let me know what exactly is this CAS PQ and Wihen do we have to submit this.Ours is a new IB school and we are awaiting DP authirisation.What do i do from here on when our first batch of DP students start from Sep 2010.

    1. Hi Mohammed. I’ll check with my IB Coordinator to see when the CAS/PQ is submitted because I can’t remember. All I can remember is that I had to complete it only one time and I think, I THINK, I submitted it during the first year after we became an authorized IB school. I’ll check and get back to you.

    2. if your school is starting the IB Diploma in September 2010, I assume your students (first generation) are going to take IB exams in May 2012, aren’t they? Therefore, the CAS/PQ deadline for your school will be 31 January 2011. (about four/five months after having started with the Diploma)
      The 31 July is the deadline for schools starting the IB Diploma in February/March and taking IB exams in November session.
      I hope this can be of help and apologies for not having been clear in my previous message.
      You can count on me for whatever you need and I’m able to do
      Warm regards
      María Inés

  2. I really like your APM form, but I have one question. In box 1 on your effects side you refer to a Performance Criteria Form. Do you have a copy of that or is it something from the CAS handbook? Thanks.

    Your site is really helpful and a stress reliever. Our program starts for the first time in the Fall and you provide great information. Thanks again.

    1. Hi there. Thanx for the nice words, I really appreciate that. I’ll email you the Performance Criteria. I removed it from my site here because it’s not used to evaluate students’ CAS work since the new curriculum was implemented with the graduating class of 2010. But I’ll still email it to you; it still might help out in some way. You never know. I’m going to email you at If I have the wrong email address or if you don’t get it please let me know. Take care.

  3. Greetings mate… I LOVE your site, its like an oasis in the desert. Im a CAS co ordinator for this school in India and we start IBDP from August 5, 2010. I have no clue how to go about with the formalities and now this corner of yours is like an elixir of life… thanks a ton! cheers. Hey, while I’m at it can you guide me how to go about writing the CAS policy statement? i mean… there IS such a thing right?

    1. Hi there. Thank you so much for your kind words, you made my day! I’m not sure what a CAS policy statement is, can you give me a few more details? Thanx again for your nice words, I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

      1. Hey Steve, I figured it out with the help of a few other people, the CAS policy form is actually completely upto you if you wanna have it or not, I made mine and will send you a copy but it basically comprises the aims and rules and regulations your school’s gonna adhere to regarding CAS. Anyways, while Im at it, could you do me a huge favor and let me know the dates and deadlines (CAS) when IV gotta submit what to the IBO if the term 1 at our school starts on august 5. this is our first year by the way, as in, the school’s just turned IBDP

      2. Hi again. What are you submitting that needs to be in by a deadline? I probably don’t know the answer and you’d probably be better off asking this question on the Online Curriculum Centre. If you haven’t found out the answer to your question yet let me know and I’ll try to find out for you 🙂

  4. I accidentally found your blog and what a find! I love it. I take over as CAS coordinator next year and all this is so so useful. Many thanks.

  5. Hi there,

    If I understand correctly we no-longer need to submit the PCF, instead we update the info on the IBIS site. Unless I have I misunderstood something?


    1. Good question. You are correct. In fact, I think I’ll add a post about the IBIS since it is new. Not only do you submit your CAS info online through the IBIS now but you also have an additional month to submit it. Pretty sweet 🙂

  6. I am the CAS Counselor at San Clemente High School in California. I would like to use a revised version of some of your documents. Do I have permission if I note the origin of these materials?

    1. Heck yes! Thanx for asking. You are free to take, use, edit, and revise any of these documents as you see fit. You don’t even need to note the origin of them (but that would be kinda cool 🙂 ). Hope they help you out. Have a great year!

  7. Thank you for posting all of the docs and allowing their use. We are starting a brand new DP and it is a little overwhelming starting from scratch. We are using managebac and it seems to be a godsend. Do you have activity supervisors sign off in managebac or do you have the kids give them paper evaluations to be uploaded?

    1. Hello there, we don’t use paper with ManageBac unless an Activity Supervisor doesn’t have an email address, but this is rare. 99.9% of the time my students use ManageBac’s paperless capabilities to get their activities approved. And it’s pretty sweet 🙂 Good luck starting your program. Let me know if you have any questions. You’re gonna do great!

      1. Hi again
        Cas outline is a form cas coordinator shoul fill and send to ib office before authorazition.

        School name
        Budget questions
        Supervising questions etc type of these questions in this form

      2. here is the CAS OUTLINE FORM
        ı need help about filling this form. If there is full one it will be perfect
        thank you

        Diploma Programme programme outline—CAS
        School name School code
        Name of CAS coordinator Date of IB training
        Date when outline was completed Name of workshop
        (indicate name of subject and workshop category)

        A: Context
        1. Projected number of Diploma Programme students who will be entered in
        the first exam session, once the school has been authorized

        2. Describe the social and physical environment of the community in which the school is located.

        B: Organization of CAS
        Schools are required to provide resources and staff to support the delivery of an appropriate and varied CAS programme.
        1. Coordination
        a. Will the CAS coordinator have only this role in the school? Yes No

        b. If your answer is no, answer the following questions:
        i. What additional responsibilities will the CAS coordinator have?

        ii. What percentage of the CAS coordinator’s scheduled time will be devoted to CAS?

        c. In larger schools a team approach is recommended. If this is the case in the school, answer the following questions:
        i. How will the school identify CAS advisers to ensure that the students are helped to make the most of their CAS experience?

        ii. How many students will be under each CAS adviser’s responsibility?
        iii. How will the CAS coordinator guide and supervise the advisers?

        iv. What procedures will be in place to ensure consistency among advisors’ responses to questions related to proposed activities?

        2. Time allocation
        Indicate the weekly time allocation for CAS activities. Identify the time allocated for meetings of students with advisers/CAS coordinator and time allocated for CAS activities.
        Weekly time allocated for students to meet with
        CAS coordinator/advisers Weekly time students devote to CAS activities
        Within the school’s timetable
        Outside the school’s timetable

        Describe other time arrangements, if applicable.

        3. Length of the whole CAS programme (it must expand over 18 months at least)
        Month of year 1 of the
        Diploma Programme Month of year 2 of the
        Diploma Programme
        It will start
        It will end

        4. Budget
        Indicate how the budget for CAS has been produced. Identify different types of support that the school will provide for CAS (for example, administrative, transportation).

        5. Monitoring/advising
        How often will interviews with each student take place? Indicate length of interview and main objectives.

        6. Supervision
        Who will be involved in the supervision of students (teachers, other school staff, parents, members of the community)? How will the school brief them about its expectations?

        7. CAS programme
        a. How will the school ensure that the students are given opportunities to choose their own CAS activities?

        b. How will the school promote students undertaking activities in a local and/or international context? Indicate any challenges that the school may face in achieving this objective.

        c. How will students be advised to plan their CAS programme taking the learning outcomes into account?

        d. Give an example of a potential student’s CAS programme that you would consider as appropriate to address all eight learning outcomes. Do not forget that each student should participate in at least one project involving teamwork that integrates two or more CAS areas and is of significant duration.

        e. What strategies will you apply to ensure that students reflect on their CAS experiences?

        f. How will the school record the progress of the student’s CAS programme?

        g. How will the student record their CAS experiences and reflections?

        h. How will the school report on the student’s CAS programme to parents?

        i. How will the school promote the student’s achievements in CAS within the school community?

      3. I don’t have a sample of this form to show you. Your IB Coordinator should be able to help you complete this form. If you’re looking for a sample form to follow that has already been filled out, you can ask someone on the OCC if they have one to show you. I completed this form more than 15 years ago and I don’t have a copy of it anymore. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  8. Is it possible to get the activity proposal map as a word document. I love the thinking it will trigger with the kids. Thanks

    1. Hello. I don’t have a calendar but maybe my IB Coordinator does. What type of calendar are you looking for? Like when CAS is due or when IB exams are administered? Let me know and I’ll see what I can find for you 🙂

  9. Hi Sir
    I will be a CAS Coordinator next year and i really dont know how to deal with every thing.could you supply me with some information such as the c.a.s guide and documentation ,the forms ,the calendar ,how to devide the hours and the cas policy as well etc i would be really grateful sir thank you in advance;;;;;;;louiza

    1. Hi. Your school should have an IB Coordinator answering allll of these questions for you. You should talk to him/her. It also sounds like you need training, which your IB Coordinator can send you to as well.

      I cannot provide you with the CAS Guide. I used to have it on this site but IB asked me to take it down, but you can download a copy from the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC), which your IB Coordinator can give you access to.

      It sounds like the first thing you need to do is find out who your IB Coordinator is and talk to him/her. The second thing you need to do is go to a training workshop.

      Another thing I recommend doing is looking into ManageBac for your school. It allows you to communicate with your students, put events on a calendar, it has built-in documentation and forms, it’s truly a wonderful thing for IB students and CAS Coordinators. It makes CAS soooooo much easier for you and your students! It costs money but it’s totally worth it.

      I hope this helps a little. Let me know if you have other questions, but the person you really want to talk to is your IB Coordinator 🙂

  10. Have a question for all of you out there. We are a small school for IB and we have small classes of IB Diplomma candidates but I would love to IVC with some of you and your students about CAS and maybe do a project together. Like have students working on something similiar and compare notes, ideas, etc. just asking? If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me.

  11. thank you sbelder8 for all ur useful information
    i did with ur advice and attended a workshop but unfortunately i still have some problems.
    1) as a cas coordinator ;we are told to have three hours a week , what should we teach during these courses ?
    2) should we have an interview with our students at the beginning or at the end of their projects and how many interviews should we have and what are the questions asked to the students like?
    3) can the students do their cas activity during vacation and abroad ?
    4) as our school is waiting for the consultants ,what are the probable questions asked by the consultants during their first visit for cas coordinator
    5) our school is looing for the calendar could u possibly send it to me ?
    thanks in advance
    could u send the answers to my e-mail as soon as possible and i will be grateful

      1. Hi, I am Namita, I am a new born baby as a cas coordinator… pl guide me

        as a cas coordinator ;we are told to have three hours a week , what should we teach during these courses ?
        2) should we have an interview with our students at the beginning or at the end of their projects and how many interviews should we have and what are the questions asked to the students like?
        3) can the students do their cas activity during vacation and abroad ?
        4) as our school is waiting for the consultants ,what are the probable questions asked by the consultants during their first visit for cas coordinator
        5) our school is looing for the calendar could u possibly send it to me ?
        thanks in advance
        could u send the answers to my questions e-mail as soon as possible and i will be grateful

  12. Hi all. Steve thanks as always for sharing. I put my new CAS book together but it is many pages long. I added all the ways they can do CAS and all the organizations that can be accessed in our area and beyond. One of the biggest groups to contact for the global connection is, if anyone is interested, a group that is based out of NY. along with another organization called Global Nomads. I love these two organizations. Also, a big one, and I mean BIG one to get up with is a group called The Philantrhropy Project. This group is amazing. Another group to hook into is an organization called Taking it Global. For those that need more global ideas and connections these are awesome. We are just now using ManageBac but our classes are extremely small so I am very involved in these kids making sure they stay on track. I put up an IB Calendar on our school website that reminds them of the reflection due and evidence. Anyway, as always thanks Steve. What I would like is more about the resources you obtained. I need help in helping my teachers incorporate it into their classes. Thanks all.

    1. Hi Ruth, thank you for all the resources. I’m going to post these websites here on CASCorner. I’d love to see your CAS book if you want to share.

      The only resources I can share are the two documents I’ve already posted here to CASCorner. If I share anything I obtained at the IB conference I’ll get in trouble. I’ve done it before and had an IB attorney contact me and tell me to take the materials down or else face a lawsuit. IB doesn’t want me giving their stuff away for free; they want you to pay to go to one of their conferences too. I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t receive any materials, resources, or ideas that would assist a CAS Coordinator in helping his/her teachers incorporate CAS into their classes. Maybe the OCC has some ideas?

  13. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank-you for sharing. I am using it today, leaving your name at the bottom and changing only the color, email, and school name – unless you want my students to contact you? You are amazing!

    1. OMG, I’m so glad you found this helpful. No, your students don’t need to contact me, but thank you for being so thoughtful. I’m just glad you found something you could use 🙂

  14. This is a fabulous site. I know it’s a lot to maintain, but even the older things are often helpful (once I vet them for offending “old” information) 🙂

    THANK YOU. That’s all. Really. Just thanks. 🙂

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