A must-have for CAS Coordinators.

Check em out here

The new ManageBac iOS app is now available in the AppStore for iPhones and iPads for FREE. Click here to get it.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 1.11.26 AM

Students and CAS Coordinators can do everything through the app that they can do through the ManageBac website. As of this writing, the only thing the app doesn’t do is send push notifications for any new or modified content. This is kind of important. But other than push notifications, the app is great.

I’ve installed the app on my iPhone and iPad and both are pretty sweet! I like the iPad version a little better because the bigger screen of the iPad allows me to see more content at one time rather than navigating different menus.

Updates to the app are sure to follow, as well as adding it to other mobile devices other than the iPhone and iPad, but for their first app, ManageBac is off to a great start.

And it’s free 🙂


6 thoughts on “ManageBac

  1. hello sir,
    i’m currently a IBDP year 1 student. For my CAS, i or say the whole batch is required to submit the necessary details in a paper format i.e. there is no online way. so i was thinking that if i do try to propose my school CAS coordinator about the managebac thing and try and initiate the process, will i achieve the plan and initiated activities learning outcome.
    Please help me as this will not only help me but also my friends and the new batch that will be in soon.

    Thanks for reading.

      1. I’m thinking of trying to reduce the paper usage and waste that happens in the process. thus working also for a global cause. Everyone in my school uses high speed internet thus making the whole process online. I want my school to have the online process for the current IB year 1 batch and also for the coming new batches.

      2. Then you definitely want ManageBac. It costs money but it’s worth it! I wouldn’t be the CAS Coordinator still if it weren’t for ManageBac because I couldn’t do my regular job AND also be the CAS Coordinator with all the paperwork. ManageBac makes CAS easier for me, students, and the activity advisers. It’s totally paperless and sounds like just what you’re looking for 🙂

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